The Day The Bully Cried is Jeanette's big debut. Having children of her own made her aware of the challenges they would face and bullying was a particular concern. Loosely based on her experiences as a young girl, she shows kids that there are other ways to stand against bullying. She's currently working on her sophomore effort; Bully II, Who Made The Bully Cry?

 Jeanette Torello started writing and illustrating children’s books while she was pregnant with her first child. Concerned about the future world her children would be growing up in, she became an advocate for acceptance, tolerance and understanding of all people. Through her stories she hopes to promote kindness to others; teaching children at a young age, that making the right choices can have wonderful results.

 Growing up in Staten Island, New York, Jeanette was always drawing and writing stories. One of her favorite places was the weekly Bookmobile that brought new adventures to her every week. Her most favorite place though, was right next to her mother. They would paint, draw or sculpt with homemade clay. Her mother taught her that being an individual who thinks for her self could be an integral part of her creativity.  Thus allowing her creation to be truly her own. Her mother’s passion for artistic expression and individuality was not lost on Jeanette. She has always taken the artistic path; hair and makeup, special effects makeup, interior design, murals, custom print design, calligraphy, tattoos, prop/set design, illustrations and many other creative works done in her own unique style.

 Being a stay at home mom for the past sixteen years has given Jeanette the opportunity to raise her children with the values she advocates. It has also given her the motivation to teach other children the same values through writing and illustrating stories, in hopes of a brighter future for all children

 Jeanette currently lives in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina with her husband, three sons, two cats and their dog.

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