This is Sarah, a very brave little six year old.

She likes hopscotch, dolls and loves asparagus (so she’s told).

 She used to like school too, until The Bully came.

Now she gets picked on, teased and called very mean names.



Meet Children's Author Jeanette Torello

The Day The Bully Cried is Jeanette's big debut. Having children of her own made her aware of the challenges they would face and bullying was a particular concern. Loosely based on her experiences as a young girl, she shows kids that there are other ways to stand against bullying. She's currently working on her sophomore effort; Bully II, Who Made The Bully Cry?

 We can't wait to see what imaginative yarn she weaves next!

-Excerpt from the soon to be released "The Day The Bully Cried"



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